Zach braff who is he dating

That's when the paparazzi are outside your house and that's when you can't ride your bike through Manhattan because they follow you." "When my relationship with Mandy ended, she [my publicist] said, 'I'm going to give you a hint that you should know.

On Friday morning (June 2, 2017) the American Sun-Times reported Zach Braff and girlfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.

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They dated each other for about half a decade and then called off their love life in 2014.

Howard Stern tried to play matchmaker with Zach Braff this morning (Taylor Swift!

), but Zach was having none of it: I don't want to date the super-famous girls.

Braff, whose famous exes include Bonnie Somerville and Mandy Moore, quickly fired back after Stern suggested that Zach and Taylor are "very, very, very close friends.""I've met Taylor a few times and she's a sweet girl..that was all Internet bulls--t," the While the rumors may be entirely false, the 60-year-old radio personality followed up by suggesting that the two would be great together, at which point Braff reveals that he doesn't want to date "the super-famous girls." "Remember I did that once before when I dated Mandy Moore, and I didn't like it," he admitted before revealing the reasoning behind his response.

"Well, when you date another famous person that's when they really hound you.


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