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Physics Hope College June, 1973 2001-present Professor, Chemical Physics Program Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University 1997-present Associate Director ; Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University 1995- 2001 Associate Professor, Chemical Physics Program Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University 7/95 - 9/95 Interim Director, Liquid Crystal Institute 1994-1995 Senior Research Fellow, Liquid Crystal Institute Kent State University 1984-1993 Principal Scientist, Display Research Dept. D ( to Fuji Photo Film ) Chuck Titus 1997- 2000 Ph.

Course has been offered annually since 2011 Graduate Students: Chad Hoke 1995-1999 Ph. D ( to 3M Optical Devices Div) Hiroyuki Mori 1996-1999 Ph. D ( to 3-5 Systems) Bin Wang 1999-2001 Ph D ( to Agilent) Erica Bramley 2000-2003 Ph D ( to Kodak) Chenhui Wang 2000-2003 Ph D ( to Chem Image) Jianru Shi 2001-2005 Ph D ( Post – Doc ) Xinghua Wang 2002-2005 Ph D ( to Chem Image) Yanli Zhang 2002-2005 Ph D ( to Intel ) Cheng Chen 2003-2006 Ph D (to Apple Computer) Yong-Kyu Jang 2005-2007 Ph D ( to Samsung Electronics) Mitya Reznikov 2005-2008 Ph D (to Technion University) Lei Shi 2006-2009 Ph D (to Chem Image ) Mike Dorjgotov 2006-2010 Ph D ( to Apple Computer) Yi Huang 2008-2013 Pd D ( to Apple Computer) Lu Lu 2009-2012 Ph D ( to Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Liwei Li 2009-2013 Ph D ( to Compound Photonics) Hsien-Hui Cheng 2011-2015 Ph D (to Z-Space) Valerie Finnemeyer 2012-2016 Ph D (to MIT Lincoln Laboratory) Kun Gao 2014-2017 Ph D (to BEAM Co.) Afsoon Jamali 2015- Colin Mc Ginty 2015- Comrun Yousefzadeh 2016- Post Docs: Mark Flynn 1994 (to Kaiser Electronics) Dave Fredley 1994 - 1995 ( to Motorola) Jon Ruth 1994 -2003 ( to Alpha-Micron) Jianlin Li 1995-1996 (to Polytronix) Jianmin Chen 1995-1996 ( to Samsung) Jianfung Li 1996-1997 (to Reveo) Ray Folks 1995-1996 Vasa Sergan 1996 –2002 (California State University, Sacremento George Barrick 2002-2003 ( to CWRU) Gi-Dong Li 2001-2003 ( to Pusan University) Mike Fisch 2002-2003 ( to NEOBeam) Bin Wang 2003-2006 ( to Eastman Chemical) Bentley Wall 2005-2008 ( to Dynamic Eye) Ke Zhang 2006-2008 Visiting Scientists Janez Pirs annually (Inst. Wilderbeek 1999 (Eindhoven University of Technology) D.

Course has been offered annually since about 1993 Developed Graduate level course “Liquid Crystal Device Prototyping”. S ( to Kent Display Systems) Jim Anderson 1995 2002 Ph D ( to Hana Microdisplays Inc.) Philip Watson 1996- 2000 Ph. Past Member, Editorial Board of “ Mobile Displays, technology and applications” Achintya Bhowmik, Zili Li, Philip Bos, Wiley (2008) Towards True 3D Visual Displays and Immersive Interactions; J. Bhowmik to be published in 2014 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Alignment Layer Considerations for Defect-Free Bistable Smectic C Devices, Philip Bos, Chenhui Wang, Philip Watson in “Progress in Liquid Crystal Science and Technology”, H-S Kwok, S. Ong, World Scientific (2013) The Pi Cell, Philip Bos, in “Handbook of Visual Display Technology, Ed: J.

( 2011) Slottow-Owaki Prize ( for outstanding contribution to education in the field of information display ), Society for Information Display, 2010 Fellow, Society for Information Display Distinguished Scholar Award, Kent State University, 2006 Course Development and Teaching Developed Graduate level course “ Liquid Crystal Displays” . Co-developed continuing education course “Liquid Crystals: Materials and Display Devices”. of Colorado (Feb 15, 1996) Program Committee member and Session chair at the 1994 International Display Research Conference, Monterey. Bhowmik; as part of a book “Interactive Displays” edited by Achintya K. Fihn, Springer-Verlag (2011) “ Introduction to mobile display technologies” Achintya Bhowmik, Zili Li, Philip Bos Chapter 1 in “ Mobile Displays, technology and applications” Achintya Bhowmik, Zili Li, Philip Bos, Wiley (2008) The Effect of Polymer Networks on Twisted Nematic and Super Twisted Nematic Displays . Gao, K; Cheng, HH; Bhowmik, AK; Bos, PJ; OPTICS EXPRESS SN 1094-4087 PD OCT 5 PY 2015 VL 23 IS 20 BP 26086 EP 26094 “Versatile alignment layer method for new types of liquid crystal photonic devices”; Finnemeyer, V.; Bryant, D.; Reich, R.; Clark, H.; Berry, S.; Bozler, C; Yaroshchuk, O.; Lu, L.; Bos, P; JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 118 Issue: 3 Article Number: 034501 Published: JUL 21 2015 “Concept for a Transmissive , large angle, light steering device with high efficiency” Cheng, H-H; Bhowmik, A. J: Optics Letters 40(9) p 2080 ( May 1, 2015) “Low voltage fast response display using dual pi-cells with quarter-wave thickness” Cheng, H-H; Bhowmik, A. J.; Journal of the Society for Information Display 22(5) p229 ( May 2014) “Liquid crystal lens with concentric electrodes and inter-electrode resistors” Li, L.; Bryant, D.; Bos, P.: Liquid Crystal Reviews 2(2) p 130 ( 2014) “Detailed Modeling of the Effect of Gap Between Ring Electrodes on the MTF of Liquid Crystal Lenses and Comparison with a "Floating" Electrode Design”; Li, Liwei; Bos, Philip MOLECULAR CRYSTALS AND LIQUID CRYSTALS Volume: 594 Issue: 1 Special Issue: SI Pages: 78-85 Published: MAY 3 2014 “ Speed, optical power, and off-axis imaging improvement of refractive liquid crystal lenses”; Li, L.; Bryant, Doug; Van Heugten, Tony; Bos, P; APPLIED OPTICS Volume 53, Issue 6, pages 1124-1131, Published FEB 20, 2014 “ Fast-response liquid crystal variable optical retarder and multilevel attenuator”; Cheng, H.; Bhowmik, A.; Bos, P.; ; OPTICAL ENGINEERING, Volume 52, Issue 10, Article Number 107105, Published OCT 2013 “Surface localized polymer aligned liquid crystal lens”; Lu, L; Sergan, V; Van Heugten, T ; Duston, D; Bhowmik, A); Bos, PJ OPTICS EXPRESS Volume: 21 Issue: 6 Pages: 7133-7138 Published: MAR 25 2013 “Physical limitations and fundamental factors affecting performance of liquid crystal tunable lenses with concentric electrode rings” Li, LW; Bryant, D ; van Heugten, T; Bos, PJ APPLIED OPTICS Volume: 52 Issue: 9 Pages: 1978-1986 Published: MAR 20 2013 "Near-diffraction-limited tunable liquid crystal lens with simplified design,"; L.


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