Who is the mayor of los angeles dating josh harrellson dating jennifer aniston

The Los Angeles City Council made it official on Wednesday: the minimum wage in L. will rise gradually to per hour over the next five years.

The final vote was procedural - required because last week's vote wasn't unanimous - but still important to supporters who've been engaged in the wage hike debate for the last nine months.

For better or for worse, many of the political celebrities this year have been mayors or mayoral candidates.He defeated incumbent Sam Yorty, and thus also became the first Black mayor of major city, which was predominantly White. actress is dating Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa since splitting with her footballer beau Mark Sanchez in late October.The press is ready: She doesn’t say they will never, ever, get together, but this is a pretty strong denial. ), while married to Corina Raigosa (they combined his last name Villar and hers to create Villaraigosa) he had an affair with then-Telemundo/KVEA-TV reporter Mirthala Salinas, and had a quite public, post-divorce romance with KTLA-TV reporter/anchor (and onetime Miss USA) Lu Parker.That relationship ended in May 2012, her publicist said.Americans watched famed sexter Anthony “not a player I just crush a lot” Weiner ‘s bid for Mayor of New York City with fascination and horror. American cities are still teeming with mayoral babes.


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