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Labor recruiters in their home countries, mostly in Asia and Africa, entice many of these women with promises of high wages and good working conditions.

Recruiters convince them that this could provide a route out of poverty and the means to obtain an education, homes, medical care, and other essentials for their families.

Workers whom Human Rights Watch interviewed for this report described a range of abuses which they had experienced. At least 146,000 female migrant domestic workers—and possibly many more—are employed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I would wake up to start cooking, then cleaning, washing clothes, and then cooking again. Because she kept yelling, I cried and asked to go back to agency, but madam said “I already bought you”…Five Middle East-based men, all of which were under the age of 21 at the time, used 'extreme' levels of blackmail to bully the youngsters into performing lewd sexual acts on webcam.They believed manipulating UK males was less difficult compared to those in other countries.Here and abroad, the brothers are infamous for their sex parties and their harems composed mainly of underage girls.


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