Washington state dating laws

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, a person who communicates with a minor for immoral purposes, or a person who communicates with someone the person believes to be a minor for immoral purposes, is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

Of course, rape that does involve force or an assault is illegal in Washington and prosecuted as forcible rape (see Washington Sexual Battery Laws).

By 1920 ages of consent generally rose to 16-18 and small adjustments to these laws occurred after 1920. From 2005 onwards states have started to enact Jessica's Law statutes, which provide for lengthy penalties (often a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison and lifetime electronic monitoring) for the most aggravated forms of child sexual abuse (usually of a child under age 12). Louisiana, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the death penalty for rape of a child was unconstitutional.

As of 2015 the final state to raise its age of general consent was Hawaii, which changed it from 14 to 16 in 2001. forbids the use of the United States Postal Service or other interstate or foreign means of communication, such as telephone calls or use of the internet, to persuade or entice a minor (defined as under 18 throughout the chapter) to be involved in a criminal sexual act.

You can read the statutory rape laws for yourself over at

Age of consent in Washington state is 16 unless the older person is in a position of authority (teacher, etc..).


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