Validating a test to measure depth of vocabulary knowledge

Comprised of 4 volumes, the collection will cover 4 key areas.Volume 1 will focus on the core issues related to vocabulary knowledge.The scores of the WAT-C produced by three different scoring methods consistently predicted reading comprehension significantly in the informed condition as opposed to the uninformed condition.Taken together, these findings suggest that the informed condition may be preferred for administering the WAT-C.Some remaining issues for the future and the implications of the reported work for instruction and classroom assessment of Chinese L2 learners are discussed.

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The first difficulty relates to defining word knowledge.

Vocabulary is one of the most elusive terms to define.

Based on a number of previous researches and studies, in this passage, the author designed a series of tests to some Chinese university students to investigate the correlational relationship among vocabulary breadth, depth and reading comprehension. The lexical approach: The state of ELT and the way forward.

The major research findings of the study indicate that there exists a moderate, positive correlation relationship among vocabulary breadth, vocabulary depth and reading comprehension., 95-103.


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