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Checkout this Great You Tube Video on 1.1 Update So what do you think of the update? :) The whole page turn thing is tarded and a dumb thing to use as a comparison. I got 1.1 out of the box with the nook and for what it is, the pages turn quickly enough.

Any bitching at this point can only really be directed at the limits of the technology itself, not the devices.

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Unlike other Android devices, updating your NOOK apps isn’t a very obvious procedure. I'm David and I started this tech blog back in 2009 as a place to write down my thoughts on the crazy tech industry, talk about the latest gadgets coming out, as well as put down some tips and tricks to help others out with the tech they use every day.

You may be used to getting notifications when there is an update available, but for NOOK apps you have to take a few extra (easy) steps. Bring up the menu on your NOOK device by pressing the ‘n’ button once. Navigate to apps by pressing the button on the menu. Crazily, the site now has over 500k people on it sharing their love of tech every month! Feel free to head here for some of my most popular posts and to learn more about me, this site and my You Tube channel.

When I wrote Like a Girl, I had a message: YOU CAN.

The Microsoft Surface 2 seems to be gaining traction with consumers this holiday season.


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