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Update user row with new password Granting permissions on a database to set the password After you first create a database you have to "grant" a user permissions to use that database.

But let's say your user not only forgot their username and password but they need a new database setup.

I tried the other way as well and it just ended up being difficult.

I had not been able to use mysql so it was empty anyway.

If I encounter any other issue, I will let you guys know but for now, the update query is working. I was really trying to get the OP to give a bit more information rather than just saying "doesn't work".

I figured the try-catch around the query might have given an error, is that not the case?

”, but then if anyone got a hold of the information in that database, your password would be immediately known and exploitable.

Also, the two anonymous login should be deleted as follows: select user,host,password from mysql.user; ------ -------------------- ------------------------------------------- | user | host | password | ------ -------------------- ------------------------------------------- | root | localhost | *4E35FA4ABB37E8A43AD4C3C94CDA57ADD4B67B46 | | root | linuxgenius.gemini | *4E35FA4ABB37E8A43AD4C3C94CDA57ADD4B67B46 | | root | | *4E35FA4ABB37E8A43AD4C3C94CDA57ADD4B67B46 | ------ -------------------- ------------------------------------------- 3 rows in set (0.00 sec) Also, note that My SQL reads a hierarchy of configuration files upon invocation: /etc/– System wide file $HOME/cnf – User wide file CLI – Command Line Interface I’ll write a separate article later on My SQL tools and managing My SQL server.

The post title may sound complicated, but it actually deals with a very simple problem and an even easier solution. It is insecure to store plain text passwords in the password database.

Update password for the 3rd root user or you can delete that user since we have already set the password for localhost.

Make sure you issue the command “flush privileges” whenever you change passwords so that the changed password is updated instantly.


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