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Eren works alongside his parents at a petstore, the biggest one in the world, in fact. But then, the boss of Puppy Co., Eren’s place of work, Francis E. He uses disgusting and unsafe methods to make them “live forever.” Seeming to be the only ones who care, Eren and a Baby Corp. Starting their relationship with intense awkwardness, a softness begins to grow between them as they’re tested by brutal obstacles to take down the nasty Puppy Co. So this is like, playing off the idea of Boss Baby…? When Levi gets grounded with a broken leg, he figures he's due a few boring months of lying around feeling useless before he can get back into the field.

But a traitor within the Survey Corps, a threat of another attack on humanity, and a peculiar doctor make Levi's recovery far more complicated-- and dangerous-- than he ever expected.

The 36-year-old actor recently proposed to his actress girlfriend with a big diamond ring, which she was seen wearing at the Art Of Elysium Heaven Gala in Santa Monica, California on Saturday, as Us Weekly reported.

Broadcasting is a way to meet up and play with people in your area.

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Occasionally, the Gender Flip occurs with a work that's already in development, or even in production (due to, for example, an actor's sudden unavailability or simply a last-minute casting idea.) The results can be particularly interesting in these cases, as the written role may be almost completely unchanged from its original opposite-gender version. Rule 63 is closely related, but executed differently.

A good general rule of thumb is that a Rule 63 character like exactly the same character, as if subjected to Gender Bender.


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