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It is a goldmine of information, a repository of important documents – correspondence, photographs, awards, trophies, medals, citations, paintings, video and audio clips, etc amongst other material that relate to the genesis as well as development of the Tata organisation and its manifold activities.

Apart from Tata history, the archives also hold a sizeable number of documents on Indian industrialisation and correspondence with national leaders such as Dadabhai Naoroji and Mahatma Gandhi.

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The UK Government has called on Tata to give enough time for buyers to be found for its UK business in an attempt to save thousands of jobs.” Hannah Blythyn, Labour Assembly candidate for Delyn who served for several years as a Unite the Union campaigner for workers’ rights, added: “The Tories let down the steelmaking heartlands of North East Wales in the 1980s. “Ministers in London need to stop talking and to take immediate measures to keep plants like Shotton operating.Dating anxiety is no aphrodisiac, nor is it just a put-upon emotion to make a romance feel grander (no matter what a Kate Hudson rom-com tells you).It can be a huge roadblock to moving forward in your personal life.Archives play a pivotal role in preserving the history of any organisation.The idea of establishing a storehouse of Tata records was originally conceived by JRD Tata: while assigning the task of penning the group’s history to mark the centenary celebrations of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata’s first venture – the Empress Mills in Nagpur – JRD felt the lacuna of not having a central repository of records.Soubry said the Government would still consider the option of fully nationalising the business in the short-term if no buyer could be found.


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