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I saved that chat and I thought that for those of you, who like me, are into the voyeuristic pleasures, you might enjoy reading the chat as it played out that day in that chat room. tanned, except his white ass, very fit body, 6' tall, washboard abs, hairy legs and chest, salt and pepper hair, larger than average cock, but not huge. He's not really watching his wife with another man. He's occasionally slipping a finger or two in and out of my wife's pussy and every time he does it, she squirms and moans with pleasure. Louis Bull4U: If that was me on the bed with her, you would have to take that laptop and go somewhere else. I love watching my wife in those types of situations. His cock isn't hard yet, but mine is hard as a rock and standing straight up! I suppose your 10"s gets hard instantly, every time you kiss a woman? She's rubbing his cock, he's rubbing her ass and kissing her mouth, face, and neck.

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This wasn't the first time that he and I had shared my wife and it wouldn't be the last.

But this particular time, was unusual for one reason, and because of that, I thought it might have some interest for those, who enjoy the voyeuristic aspect of sex. I don't know what makes you think that Doo My Wife2 isn't doing that right now. Doo My Wife2: Well, they are still laying on the bed making out. This is what I love most about sharing my wife with other men.


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