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[Editor’s note: The following is a guest poster who wishes to remain anonymous. Would you think that she’s a good person and has worth? Yes, of course some men just want me as a commodity; it’s a mutually beneficial exchange and that’s all. Some of the best people I’ve met while camming have been men that just want a connection with someone. These men ask about my life, ask how school is going. Apparently people believe that getting naked means you have no self respect and therefore you deserve no respect. If I didn’t love my body or myself I wouldn’t be doing this. I’m a college student; if you met me you’d probably think that I’m independent, determined, hard working. Our policy at TOL is to respect the anonymity of anyone who chooses to write for us. Yet if you knew that I spent some nights online talking to men, all those traits would go out the window. From home allowing people to look at others high price is because you're more likely find a soldier who joined the amateur porn industry.

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I became a cam girl over a year ago because of an unexpected family emergency; I decided it was the best way to be financially independent. The same reason I’m writing this anonymously is the same reason why I go by a pseudonym and why I’ve blocked my state, all bordering states, and any state or foreign country that I know people in from my site. I don’t feel shameful for what I do, but society tells me I should. Society shouldn’t shame or dictate what I do with my body.

What if I told you that the first girl, the student, and the second girl, the cam girl, were one in the same? I am a college student that has goals and aspirations, and at the same time, I go online and speak to guys who pay me to talk to them.

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