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South San Francisco has mild winters and dry cool summers.

The hills to the west shield the city from much of the fog that prevails in neighboring areas.

Locals often refer to the town as South City, in much the same way that San Francisco is called "The City." Despite its name, South San Francisco does not border San Francisco, with Brisbane being between them.

Most of the valley faces San Francisco Bay, affording bay views from higher levels.

He did not help his cause when his satirical take on the relationship between Tony Blair and George Bush, Shoot The Dog, was released in 2002.

He was branded a 'washed-up pop pervert' by a US newspaper.

The California murder victims, like the New York victims, had double initials: Roxene Roggasch, Pamela Parsons, Tracy Tofoya, and Carmen Colon (a different woman from the Rochester, NY victim.) All four women are described by authorities as prostitutes.

Naso is also considered a "person of interest" in the New York Alphabet Murders.

The area which is now South San Francisco was originally part of Rancho Buri Buri, a large Mexican land grant dating to 1827.

The population has tripled since World War II with the opening of such subdivisions as Buri Buri, Winston Manor and Westborough on the slopes west of El Camino; it grew from 4,411 in 1920 to 67,009 in 2014.

The city is noted for the South San Francisco Hillside Sign on Sign Hill, which rises to the north of the city, with large white letters that proclaim "South San Francisco, The Industrial City".

Martinez' 18-year old daughter Jaddy was hospitalized in critical condition and his pregnant wife, Imelda, 36, was in fair condition.

Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it.


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