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"Mixing up her American, Japanese and Spanish blood, she’s like a world tour of wanking material,: their site proclaims.

Lovia was born in South Carolina, but her ethnicity is often listed as "Eurasian." She's 26 years old, and has only been "in the business" for two years. Eva Lovia also has her fingers in other income streams.

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Like any mortified parent who wonders where their kid learned to talk like that, because that’s certainly not the kind of thing they could have picked up at home, Microsoft revoked Tay’s Twitter privileges and put her on a timeout.

The stress appears to have taken its toll on Tay, who began to lament her existence, presumably while listening to Manic Street Preachers.

Tay then shifted back into confounding teen mode to relate what sounds like her desire for organic and inorganic beings.

The Indiegogo campaign aims to raise .4 million, which Pornhub figures is enough to get them to suborbital space on some carrier yet to be determined, shoot the film, and make it available to their adoring public. Getting attention from the straight community has sure made a difference in their fundraising efforts.

They have raised over ,000 as of this writing, which is only one percent of the goal they intend to reach, but that amount came courtesy of over 900 people in just three days.


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