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It was filmed on location in Pittsburgh, PA in the spring of 1998. The miniseries was based upon Otis Williams' book; as such, it came from his perspective: the focus of the story tended to be on Williams and Melvin Franklin, with David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks seen as antagonists for much of the second half (although Kendricks was still given a more sympathetic portrayal than Ruffin).Dennis Edwards was not heavily focused upon, nor was much said of the problems he later had with Otis Williams.But how have things been when it comes to her love life? native about that, as well as her new website,, which is launching fully in February and is for all women, single, married and divorced, because as Jacque says, “our lives all parallel.” She talks about the purpose of her site, interracial dating, her time on reality TV (Vh1’s is a website dedicated to encouraging women to live their best single life right where they are.It’s about embracing and celebrating life and not being depressed because you bought into societal thinking that ‘I have to have a husband by this age’ and I have to have kids and I have to have this perfect family, and this type of family and this type of life for people to see that I’m a real woman.’ I debunk that.’I’m lucky that because of what I do, I do meet a lot of men and people are always trying to set me up.He first hails from a very dedicated and supportive immediate and extended family.

I still appreciate a man coming to pick me up, taking me back home after and making sure I made it back home okay.

I’m very proud to be African American, and I wear it on my sleeve.

A talented American actor Lamman Rucker is currently single.

He later had parts in a numeral of little pictures and TV appears.

Rucker additionally had altered part inverse Mena Savarin in the WE TV play arrangement, South of Hell.


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