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As the number of active users grew, Ternovskiy has had to rewrite the entire code to cope with the load, the management of which being the most challenging part of his project.Despite the expansion of the service, he still codes everything on his own.Probably for some potential audiences just hearing what the movie is about might be a turnoff.Is it a glorification of misogyny, do we really want to see “ugly” girls humiliated like that?It's littered with far too many short clips cutting out the best stuff pushed out by the studios, and finding a good, high quality scene is getting more and more difficult.

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Dogfight, written by Bob Comfort, and directed by Nancy Savoca, stars Lili Taylor as Rose Fenny, a shy frumpy waitress living in San Francisco in 1963, dreaming of being a folk singer, and River Phoenix, at his very best, as Eddie Birdlace, an angry Marine about to ship over to Vietnam (before the Vietnam War took over the airwaves).

Tylko użytkownicy premium mogą oglądać kamerki innych użytkowników.

Aby zostać użytkownikiem premium (ZŁOTYM) na całe życie i odblokować tę opcję, musisz tylko jeden raz kupić dowolną ilość tokenów!

The film goes into another realm entirely, something transcendent and redemptive, reaching its climax in the totally wordless final scene.

Last night, Matt and I chatted about Dogfight over IM, and I am happy to share that unedited conversation now.


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    Introducting the most-requested feature ever to the messenger app, Facebook said the video chat feature is going to be rolled out instantly to Android and i OS devices.