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Ever wonder why meeting new clients is so easy for some practitioners, but so difficult for others?Have you ever considered why some of your colleagues seem to get repeat business and referrals naturally, while others struggle to keep their clients happy throughout the transaction?Here are eight ways online dating and home shopping are exactly the same and what your role is as the matchmaker.Mary Mc Intosh, GRI, AHWD, is associate broker at Pro Smart Realty in Gilbert, Ariz., and has been selling real estate since 2002.But dating can interfere with the business of doing deals, Schlamm said.If a broker’s romantic advances make a client uncomfortable, for example, that client is less likely to want to do a deal with the firm or refer the broker to friends.We meet people with similar interests by joining Facebook groups or following someone’s story on Snapchat.You Tube is where we learn to do almost everything, from simple home maintenance tasks to cooking dinner for the family.

Because agents are independent contractors, few firms have official rules against fraternizing with clients or coworkers. “Being a real estate agent is a great way to meet your significant other,” said City Connections CEO David Schlamm, who met his wife, Jill, when she called his office in 1990 looking for a rental apartment. But apparently real estate agents have it the easiest.Because most real estate agents jobs are contract positions, most firms have no strict rules against dating clients or co-workers, according to The Real Deal.Schlamm said his firm has no official rule against dating clients or other brokers.And in fact, two City Connections agents, Ivy Paterni and Daniel Dmitry Kramp, got engaged in mid-September during a trip to Italy.Everyone has known the guy who is so desperate for a date that he’ll do anything, date anyone.


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