Rapper birdman and paris hilton dating

"When she came and played her music for me, I was taken away, I was excited.Birdman is NOT letting Lil Wayne out of his recording contract, no matter how much he bitches. Weezy didn't mince words, tweeting, "I want off this label and nothing to do with these people."Birdman is unmoved and vows to duke it out in court if necessary, because a contract is a contract.

We turned something good into something great," Baby argued against detractors.

But it could also end up being a really, really good move for Cash Money.

If you thought that Cash Money Records and Paris Hilton was an unlikely pairing, just wait until you hear what the heiress is planning next.

Although the socialite hasn’t released any music since dropping her debut, , in 2006, Birdman revealed that she’ll be blessing us with a sophomore project through Cash Money sometime in the near future.

Hilton also spoke out about what we can expect from the project.


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