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Im creating this thread with the hopes that others will share their experiences and perhaps provide any thoughts on what they are ecperiencing. Soon after surgery I met a guy at a party and we dated a couple times.Before we became intimate I made him aware of my past and that immediately ended the relationship. You would not be throwing away anyone that loves you. Kim (Seoul, South Korea)I've been post-op for 11 years and have had five substantial relationships and many hookups and sexual encounters during that time (I'm sex-positive, what can I say? Of those four relationships, three already knew by the time we had sex, and one right afterward.Going stealth is not an option as I have children who are just starting to come around and parents who have begged me not to throw away the people who currently love me. I know friends who are post op and have found cis male hetero's who they are currently married to. These days I'm too busy and mostly date online, where I don't disclose unless it gets serious, because again, it's none of their business unless there's mutual interest in a relationship.Has anyone else out there had a similar experience? The key I guess is confidence (or the appearance of it). “Guys look at me all the time.” “Sure they do because you’re a knockout.” She smiled. Men are not going to be chasing her, wanting to squire her to dinner or a Jennifer Hudson concert or to see a basketball game. And they will want to screw her to see if they can tell a difference between her and a real woman. A lot of men who are interested in post-op trans women are straight and curious. She’s in for a letdown about things changing after surgery. But a wise trans woman with standards won't allow that to happen. That didn’t stop the intense expression of confusion that spread across his face.“So you’re a man? “Do you know how lucky you are that I’m not, like, crazy?Because I know plenty of guys who would really do some shit to you.”“No, I’m a woman, a transgender woman,” I answered, trying to make him understand. His entire view of me had changed and there was no going back.

And even though I now make sure people know my identity before I’m alone with a potential partner, there are still some aspects of this interaction that seem to show up in my dating life no matter how many precautions I take.

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How to speak with beautiful transexual girl " data-medium-file="https://i1com/

fit=300,168" data-large-file="https://i1com/ fit=602,338" /is a free dating websites for transgender singles and their admirers.

This is a free service created by group of transgender programmers that wanted to create a dating destination for non-escort transgender singles that want to date and fall in love.


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