On rowupdating event Singlechatroulette

Note: Instead of using Text Box in normal mode use Labels.

I am not able to get the changed values that i enter in the grid view .

For this I will make the editable Grid View and use the Required Field Validator for the Text Boxes.

I will also show you that how you can use validation against the Drop Down List control which is contained inside the Grid View control.

In addition to just displaying data, the Grid View can be used to edit and delete the displayed data as well.The Row Command event is raised when a button is clicked in the Grid View control.This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine whenever this event occurs.The Command Argument property complements the Command Name property by allowing you to provide any additional information for the command to perform. I've a sample below, the Grid View Template is bound to Category Name.Row Indexvpe BŎ擾łij B @Row Command Cxg EnhĂ݂ƁAx Grid View Command Event Args.


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