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The newest cafe in St Albans, at 95 Westminster St, is owned and run by Ying Donnithorne, who has been vegan for much of her adult life.

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We meet at a member's house for a shared meal to start with and then have sometime to have a group chat and discussion on what is happening for us and offering support to those who need it. Group Link: Email: Click Here to Email Auckland Pride GLBT Fibromyalgia support Currently a phone support group for gay lesbian bi & transgendered people with Fibromyalgia syndrome.

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There's just four items on the breakfast menu including pancakes and scrambled tofu, and an equally dainty lunch menu, favouring a quality over quantity approach. People often stay for a second tea or coffee to relax and enjoy the environment."The Origin takes its tea and coffee very seriously.

The attractive Scandinavian style decor is pulling many first time visitors off the street and into the cafe's minimalist, white interior. It micro-roasts its single origin beans in-house, while its tea is sourced from Zealong Tea Estate in Hamilton and extracted through a steam punk brewing machine.


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