Nasty chat app Ksqueez on sex chats

But besides apps from big-name developers, the rest of the apps are ironically reminiscent of Windows 95-era shareware. The lack of high quality apps has seemingly made more room for dirty apps.

The categories in Windows Phone’s Marketplace are filled with them. Android had a good deal of explicit material in the beginning as well.

Remember, you don’t need a phone to use i Phone apps; if your child has an i Pod touch or an i Pad, they can install i Phone apps.

Nokia attempts to side-step Windows Phone’s Marketplace entirely with a home page tile called App Highlights that’s a fine collection of Windows Phone apps minus any of the off-color apps.

It’s actually a better curated list of top apps than Microsoft’s and shows there are actually quality apps available for these phones. I’m not attempting to persuade Microsoft to take Apple’s PG-rated stance.

Windows Phone has a widely known downside: It lacks 3rd party apps.

Sure, the major ones are there in Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds and even Spotify, Rdio and Reddit browsers.


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