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In the post and caption above they spilled the tea that she has been writing him in jail, and having the mail sent to her mothers house. Then C-Murders ex wife/fiance (whatever) came in and confirmed the TEA! Singer, Monica Brown, has had many trials, tribulations, and triumphs throughout her 35 years of life.One of the trials and tribulations she’ll never forget is sadly, the very sudden death of her then boyfriend, Jarvis Weems, whom Monica revealed shot and killed himself right in front of her in the year, 2000.There’s a whole new generation of Winans making their mark in the entertainment world ?simply known as Monica, is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and actress.

He and I both believed in a lot of the same things, but those rebellious stages sometimes caused conflict between the two of us. We pulled together more famous people that you might not have known were an item back in the day and brought them to you in order to shock, surprise, and entertain!And per the usual, if you knew about these relationships, that’s good for you, but share this story with your friends!In the same breath, I think it was good that he was so much older than me because I learned full responsibility through that situation. And he and my mom became so close; because she was definitely afraid of somebody taking advantage of me.That’s when I really, really, really learned how to maintain a household. Kim Fields and John Henton Who ever thought Regine and Overton would make something happen?Monica says her then 24 year old boyfriend called her distraught and exhausted with life and asked her to meet him at the cemetery where his brother was buried.


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