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stone bricks (all variations), grass, stone slabs, saplings, new font, new guis, new title screen, new water animation, new diamond ore animation, new lapis lazuli, new redstone torches, new repeaters and comparators, new wool, optimized quartz, new light sensor, new bark texture, and many more! Edit: Same with clownfish, pufferfish, all axes, all swords, bow, glowstone dust Edit 2: Or Idk anymore.

Torches, Water, Stone Bricks, Roses, Yellow Flowers, Animated Water, Furnaces, Dispensers, Saplings, Wood Doors, ladders, all Minecart Tracks, Tnt, Ice, Sugar cane, Font fixes, better skies fixes, New Sun, And many more :)Nice to see the update at last. Even without this, the paper is too big in another pack too, idk if some mod causes that.

When Microsoft bought Mojang, the makers of the insanely popular Minecraft, in a surprise .5 billion deal in September 2014, nobody knew what to think.

The game seemed an odd fit for Microsoft, whose biggest moneymakers are its productivity software and Windows PC operating system.

Minecraft seeds are codes that the game uses to generate worlds for you; worlds full of interesting landscapes and key landmarks ripe for exploration.

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And I have some new suggestions: If redstone lamps could be more like modern lights instead of some kind of shards compiled together to form that lamp.

check your volume sound in minecraft and your computer I am experiencing the same problem and my minecraft looks diiferent and i dont know how to force update here it is i cant get the picture on but it is different my minecraft does not run on i can create profiles containing different version and bl bla bla....

Do you think it could be the fact that I have a mac? It usually fixes itself over time, but this happened last night. try one of these: 1.check your resources folder if it's empty or not and if it is empty try re downloading .minecraft folder. go to a world then press f3 then press s while holding f3 3.

That item is big af in hand and in item slots, its size takes like 2-3 item slots.

You're welcome I did download the newest one I noticed a lot of things have been missed So far I noticed the moon has changed, elytra has changed, dispensers/droppersbut here are items that are missed-Polar bear?


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