Microsoft windows updating

Today’s announcement builds on a journey that began in September when we first introduced Windows 10 for business.

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We’ve been designing Windows 10 security at all layers of the stack: With all these protections in place, the fact still remains, the number one thing a business can do to protect their devices is to keep them up-to-date with the latest security updates.Here at Microsoft, we take our responsibility to keep Windows secure seriously.We follow up on all reported security issues, continuously probe our software with leading edge techniques, and proactively update supported devices with necessary updates to address issues.Technical information related to specific hardware, OS, and applications deployed by Soft Layer can be found in the FAQ or drivers section inside the customer Web Portal.Our engineers continually test kernel and service pack upgrades and post related information (including drivers) to assist in the upgrade process.If this happens, end users will see a notification icon on the right side of the taskbar.


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