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"Women are more interested in supplementing their marriage or jumping ship than men are -- for men, it is a secondary strategy as opposed to an alternate.".The theory that adultery is "natural" for men, fulfilling their Darwinian need to spread their seed, has been around a long time."They say they wanted to have someone who would look into their eyes and make them feel sexy again."That said, men are more likely to cite sexual motivations for infidelity and are less likely to fall in love with an extramarital partner, says Helen Fisher, Ph D, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and the author of Why Him? and Why We Love."Women tend to be more unhappy with the relationship they are in ...

If you think someone is lying, it is likely that they are, so act accordingly. Conduct yourself and your romances in a responsible manner. But as women went out to gather food, they slept with other men, creating an insurance policy -- to have someone who would help rear children and provide resources should their mate die."Women who slept around collected more meat, protection, and resources from their lovers," Fisher says."She might even have an extra child to create more genetic variety in her lineage; if some children die, others will live on."That theory is controversial and can’t be proven or disproven eons later. Careful, well-thought decisions generally lead to better results in dating, and this is certainly true with online dating too. Any potential partner must earn your trust gradually, through consistently honorable, forthright behavior.Your job is to take all the time you need to test for a trustworthy person, and pay careful attention along the way.Members must also answer a lot of questions that may take at least a half hour to finish as this will also be the guideline that the site uses to give you a possible matches list. As this site was launched by a relationship guru, Dr.


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