Machine stitched cathedral window updating an old favorite common mistakes made while consolidating debt

If you are using 36" wide muslin the yardage would be about 10 (360 divided by 1 yard = 10)yards.

When I made my first "Cathidral Window Quilt" I did not do the math and did not buy enough.

four black 14″ squares four coloured 4″ squares (the two blues in the photo) eight red 4″ squares for the triangular edges Fold the 14″ square in half with right sides together and sew up each side to make a pouch.

I’ve used a different fabric here for illustration because it’s impossible to tell right side from wrong side with the black fabric.

Turn the square through the opening, making sure the get all of the corners pointed, then iron flat. Fold and press each corner to the center of the square. Once you have all of your blocks done, place them next to each other (not overlapping) and run a zigzag stitch along the center to connect them.

You don’t need to worry about the opening that you just used to turn your fabric. The opening that you left for turning will be face up and the folds should cover it. When doing this, you should pay more attention to the center corners than the out side corner. You don’t want a lot of stitching here, just run 3-4 stitches across two of the corners, then the other two. Continue until you have all of the blocks together.

Personally, I find hand sewing to be very relaxing, so I'll work on it a bit here and there, when I need a break from other projects. With your solid fabric, (in my case, muslin) cut a square that is 7".

Or better yet, this would look lovely as a memory quilt, using old cut up clothing!Many have asked for it, so here it is - the Cathedral Window Tutorial.I hope the instructions make sense, and that you enjoy making this blanket as much as I did. Try a doll quilt or baby quilt before you get yourself in too deep.I bought my muslin from Jo-Ann Fabric when it was on sale for half price. The starting square of muslin may be any size you so desire. Just remember you will be folding the fabric into itself twice. I do not wash any of my fabric before I start my quilt.I wash the finished quilt, I prefer this, see results below. With fold facing each other, hand stitch two of the squares together (if squares are not exactly the same size, maybe one 1/8" larger, just add a small tuck. I turn the long outside edge under first then procede with the other two sides.Do you know, I had always though of cathedral windows quilts as totally handmade – something to work on during the train journey or when curled up by the fire.


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