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Don’t be afraid to rock one of these shiny new systems! So, let’s take a look at the Yoga; it’s a 2-in-1 laptop, which means this device can be both laptop, and tablet. We have seen this laptop / tablet in action and it is slick, the graphics are excellent, but some users have complained about battery life, and experience tells us that for some, questionable battery life is an out and out no-no.It benefits from a 6 gen Intel Core i5 processor (decent), can handle Windows 10 (probably essential), is 12.5”, with a multitouch display, and 1366 x 1080 resolution, which means glorious HD quality video. Verdict: fancy, modern, adaptable, and you can even get your 3D gaming on with this reasonably priced, but by no means lightweight, laptop. Well, the first thing to say about this “laptop” is that it isn’t one. Are you sensing a pattern here – many medium-to-high end laptops these days are hybrids. That said, it doesn’t always do to trust online reviewers. The Razer Blade enjoys a reputation as the king of gaming laptops, but it is an expensive toy, retailing at around 50.You'd literally record your webcam as it's displayed on the screen.My hunch is that's very far from what you're hoping for, but I can't think of a better option.

You also get a 12.3-inch Pixel Sense Touchscreen display, 6 Gen i5, and with this version, you also get the free pen! Verdict: its ultra-thin, its state of the art and it runs pretty much anything you throw at it. A worthy rival to the Mac, which compared to the Surface Pro, does show its age a bit. The Razer Blade rivals the Mac Book Pro as a games station, but what else can it do? You can colour code the keys, in any one of 16.8 million colours, apparently.We’ve partnered with Weebly to bring you the best in class tools that will get you up and running in no time.All Mac Highway Web Hosting plans come with Weebly’s powerful drag & drop web site building tool FREE!Cathode () and Blinky () are two very stylish replacements that bring a touch of old-school jitter and grime to your pristine OS X desktop.If you’re a sucker for classic computers, blinking green command prompts and magnetic interference you’ve just hit the jackpot. Cathode doesn’t really add much functionality to your Mac beyond what it can already do.Our records show that Abigail Mac is currently There is no denying that Abigail Mac is one heck of a performer.


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