Liquidating non moving inventory

Liquidate Now offers you a tried and trusted channel through which to sell your obsolete or unwanted goods without interfering with your current sales channel(s).With over a decade of specialization in the liquidation industry, Via Trading has a wide global reach, resale channel network and a leading reputation in the industry.Auctions feature no buyer’s premium and no reserve bidding; the fastest way to move quantities of product.Ship the goods to our warehouse for liquidation at auction, and receive payments within 1 week of each auction.In some cases, the issue may lie in how you’re marketing or positioning the merchandise.Try to refresh your marketing and merchandising efforts when it comes to your slow-moving stock.Avoid slashing prices too soon since you don’t want to lose money unnecessarily on your investment. Give away the inventory as gifts or samples to customers.For instance, reward loyal customers with a free product.

ref_=xx_sfgdln_anav_sforums I've taken the liberty of reporting you. The "pay the seller 10 percent of liquidation" program was a beta and I don't think it went well.

But what about products with sporadic sales, or no sales at all? But as you add each item to this list, consider two questions: Is the item “critical” or merely “important”?

A recent article (not by this author) suggested that you should discontinue and liquidate the stock of any product that is not sold or used on a regular basis. A critical part not only shuts down a machine, it shuts down an entire process or vital service.

Still, excess inventory problems can sometimes turn up because of things you can’t control.

Perhaps there was a sudden change in what’s trending, or your demand forecasts didn’t pan out as well as you hoped. If you’re looking at a surplus of merchandise in your store, there are several steps you can take to liquidate them: When an item isn’t selling, the problem may not necessarily be the product itself.


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