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Patricia attends the after school teens club where Kevin helps in Masi.

So I think it’s fair to say that, regardless of the pursuit, happiness is always the ultimate goal.It is very emotionally reassuring to experience the approval and validation of others. Their approval provides external feedback and validation for our positive feelings about ourselves.We are naturally drawn to people and experiences that make a positive contribution to our basic need for validation and approval.Long before any pharmaceuticals or medical devices reach the patients or the healthcare professionals who depend on them, the systems, equipment, processes, and methods behind developing, producing, and testing them must be validated to ensure they function as intended.Maetrics has expertise in all areas of validation, including Information Technology systems; Facility/Utility/Equipment qualification; Product/Process/Methods validation; Cleaning validation and Cold Chain qualification.An Overview of Maetrics’ Validation Services Maetrics’ validation services include designing the Validation Master Plan, oversight of test methods, packaging, sterilization, design, shelf life testing, and cold chain shipping, as well as the following services: Computer Systems Validation (CSV) Complete validation packages for computer systems, software, and equipment including: Agreement has finally been reached over the new European Union Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and is expected to come into effect in June 2017.


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