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Accountability However, the law says anyone found to have sexual relations with someone under 18 years is liable to conviction of not less than 15 years even if the offender is 18 and the victim 17 years.

According to the Kenyan education system, a 16-year-old girl is expected to be in Form Two or even a lower class of by any chance she may have delayed in joining school or had to repeat a class.

Why look for justice and have hope in the system when it just terribly failed me?

"Why sentence someone when they're not even going to serve it? "Throughout this whole time I felt like I was blamed.

For up to date contact information and hours of operation check the Sexual Health Clinics page.

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Court documents show Leger bought them alcoholic coolers and was drinking himself, before offering K. into being a nightmare, a never ending nightmare," said K.

with her friend and her friend's step-father, Leger. "I ended up at the back of the quad, and he raped me," said K. The judge called it a "very troubling case" and said the "young, vulnerable" victim was "subjected to a serious sexual assault which has devastated her and her family." "All of a sudden my life went from very nice ...

"I think that sex is a taboo and moralized topic that people don't like speaking about often times and it brings some discomfort to people," said Bianchi.This is in contradiction of the Constitution of Kenya (2010) which clearly says that one has to be 18 years and above in order to be considered an adult.This also means that those below 18 years are children and therefore cannot give consent on many issues. Proposals Under the existing Kenyan statutory laws, it is a crime for one to engage in sex with a child. "Why encourage us to go through the justice system when you are not going to focus on the victim, but you're also not going to create justice by putting him behind bars? "I proved him to be guilty and I still had to be fighting him even when I already did my job as a victim, I testified and fought it, but it failed ... Now, she is rethinking her career path because she has lost faith in the system. Region of Waterloo Public Health continues to work with the Waterloo Region District School Board and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board to enhance sexual health services and/or education in elementary and secondary schools, in keeping with the boards' curriculum and faith perspectives.


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