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I often face these three questions on all-capital handwriting: “Can you analyse handwriting in all caps?

” “What does it mean if someone writes in all caps? ” Before I answer, I must add that if a person has both cursive and all-caps handwriting, we will analyse only the former.

Back in September 2011, when I first wrote about 12 Months of Prepping, I was excited and highly motivated to share monthly checklists with the beginning prepper. Now, as we approach the end of the calendar year, I am updating the original article and posting it again with a few more tips plus links to the individual monthly posts.

Leading up to the 12 months article, I had done a lot of reading and a lot of research. For those of you getting started, I hope you will find this useful as begin your journey toward self-reliance. Please take this time to review your supplies, gear and skills and fill in any blanks just as I have done.

In May 2015, it was announced that both an eleventh AND twelfth series were being produced back-to-back; Series XI was broadcast in September/October 2016 with Series XII due in 2017.: These three abominations stand charged on eight counts of gross deviancy.

Not content with not looking like the true image, they flaunt freakish behaviour such as charm, bravery, compassion and (pauses) honour.!

But in all caps handwriting, we only have the middle zone; the other two are missing (See the sample below).

A sorcerer can also fulfill the “rogue” party role, using spells to increase her natural Charisma, sweet-talking her way out of difficult situations, or using Stealth to sneak into an enemy’s base and steal an important magic item.

At the same time, you will be able to do so with a limited cash outlay. Now that you have been bit by the prepping bug, your life has undoubtedly changed.

And instead of looking at a task list 10 pages long, you will have a short list that is eminently doable in 30 days or less. Trips to the grocery store now include searching out bargains on dry goods and canned goods so that you can purchase one for now and one for later.

Let me help you break down the overwhelming task of emergency and disaster preparedness (“prepping”) by providing you with a month by month roadmap of things to do, tasks to complete, and items to purchase.

The goal is to have a manageable number of things to do in a finite amount of time.


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