Intimacy in dating

Or, you may worry that it could scare away a potential partner.

You can wait until the development of a mutual level of trust before sharing your story.

Think of the task as one of landing a rocket on the moon.

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Intimacy involves vulnerability; you become more intimate and thus more trusting and open with a person by virtue of the fact that you make yourself vulnerable in front of them and you learn that they will not abuse you.Or, you may feel that not telling a date about your cancer may feel dishonest or insincere.If so, you may prefer to tell a new partner before a relationship becomes serious.Given the increased interest and involvement in online dating, it is worth expanding our understanding of its dynamics and potential.Two questions posed by researchers offer important and unexpected findings.To what extent does Computer Mediated Communication (emails, texts, etc), used in online dating, foster intimacy as compared to face-to-face communication?


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