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It means "His Majesty`s Reign." Did you know that there is a meaning for that boring little red dot on Japan`s flag? Did you know that in Japan they have Poke'mon cards?

Recycling Basics The amount of information and seemingly endless facts about recycling is overwhelming.

Recently a number of New Zealanders have been manipulated and defrauded by persons abroad professing romantic interest and marriage intentions over the internet. If you have not met someone personally, you should not respond to their requests for money (regardless of how desperate their circumstances appear).

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United Synagogue Youth voted to relax its rules barring its teenage board members from dating non-Jews.

Once a bond has been established the offender will typically ask you for money or ask you to undertake a task.

Often the task is illegal, although this may not be immediately obvious. Pretexts used to elicit money have included kidnapping and urgent requests for money to cover medical expenses.

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