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was updated with a brand new April Fool’s Day “Marzipan’s Answering Machine” cartoon, the first time she checked her messages in over seven years.The video starts with Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and the Cheat preparing “the best April Fool’s Day prank call ever,” one that may have been a little light on the science, since it called for a battleaxe and cans of Cheez-Wiz to physically go through the phone lines. Makes sense, makes sense.”) Unfortunately for them, that was the least of their problems, as Marzipan’s mailbox was full. (And what kind of 21st century monsters even leave voicemails anymore? Back in April, Homestar Runner got its first content update in over four years.A character too dumb to fool is someone who's completely immune to logic traps and fallacies because he ignores anything that he can't understand in favor of what he can. Cutting the Knot is frequently suggested by such a character. If something is too simple to be seen, count on them seeing it.

I don’t want to set expectations too high, but needless to say, we’re jonesing to do this again.Sometimes he does not detect the sarcasm in the Sarcastic Confession.Sometimes produces the Fearless Fool and Achievements in Ignorance.For most of the history of television, the barrier to syndication—and to profitability—has been 100 episodes. Still others just hung on as best they could and never posted numbers quite low enough to be canceled.The shows that have made it to that mark are an unusual group. In 100 Episodes, we examine shows that made it to that number, considering both how they advanced or reflected the medium and what contributed to their popularity.And even looking beyond Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon—the behemoths in the Internet TV world—there’s You Tube, a place where anybody with a camcorder and a reasonably articulate script can come up with something that grabs the attention of a small (but ever-growing) audience.


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