Hannah ware dating

And now, this Northwestern University alum, is working on his EP with Bryan Michael Cox and has a few music videos and awards under his belt.So we know Ro is a promising actor and talented singer, but what about the stuff that really counts? And how does he treat the real leading ladies in his life? He is a best buddy, and he called me first to say, "Stu, I don't know what I'm doing here, but I'm about to do something really stupid..." so I kind of went through that with him, and I think what's relatable about Jack is that a lot of us can relate to him in his life. I kind of was going, "I really hope they last." Then he met somebody else and his heart beat again. Going through the affair was devastating, but he did it.It's one of those interesting moments in life.The show centers on two people (played by Stuart Townsend and Hannah Ware) who meet and share an undeniable attraction to each other.

Ware was born in Hammersmith and raised in Clapham.

, which stars Kelsey Grammer, so it’s not a far stretch to argue Ro, as friends and close associates call him, is an acting phenom.

His character, Darius Morrison, is a soft-spoken drug dealer, who seems to be hiding an ambition that surpasses the streets.

(ABC)Sometimes a chance encounter can change your life, for better or worse.

In ABC's steamy new drama Betrayal premiering September 29, it's a little of both.


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