I too would like to live in a world where trikes can go 30km an hour, except maybe not in the hands of toddlers. Despite their trike mods looking pretty boss, they did in fact neglect to create any brakes for their death machine on wheels.

You can hear one of them describe the lack of brakes on the trike as “f! I can see why they couldn’t have brakes though as you’d probably hit the road face first if you had to brake quickly.

While nothing new here with former Mexican president Vicente Fox Quesada, we just find it mind-numbingly laughable that this is the message sent from one country's (former) president to another country's (soon to be) president... Especially as more and more manufacturing jobs are removed from Mexico and brought back to the USA.

Especially when illegals won't be accepted anymore and will be sent back south of the border for Mexico to deal with. I highly doubt most of Americans would mind paying for it too.

That's funny, Fox- now that your brother is no longer laundering his drug money thru Citibank, you've lost a lot of your own currency in the marketplace..... The illegals engaging in Western Union (etc.) wire transfers will pay a 25% remittance tax for transmitting USD overseas without documentation to support earnings as legal. Eventually, the money will have to come one way or another from ...American people.

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