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Farang (ฝรั่ง) is a term that Thai people use to call foreigners – specifically for Westerners.

The word Farang in Thai language has no bad connotation; it is just the way Thai calls foreigners in short.

And then a round of tequila happened, and then another beer, and then another tequila, and then another beer and then… His lips were on mine, and mine were on his and other new and not-so-new people were awkwardly sat across on the other sofa averting our gaze. Sassy girls, I’ve become suddenly aware that I sound like a Mills and Boon novel right now. ” Despite the remark about slowing down, this pretty boy had some manners by asking me politely. and I was on my own with a hot stranger in the middle of Bangkok.

And then it was the two of us and everyone else had all disappeared to go look for someone with a lighter – a four-person job, of course. In the haze of Jose, I vaguely remembered dishing out this advice… Zooming through the city in a tuk tuk in the early hours after drinking as much as we did is not the one, let me tell you that. and lots of sheets and a duvet or three that were not neatly tucked into the corners by the time the sun came up, if you catch my drift. Maybe nobody is and we’re all meant to meet pretty people in bars while travelling overseas and have awkward – but oh-so-delicious – moments in life.

Get out of the bars and do what you’d do back home.

If you want to find a good girl in Thailand, she won’t be in bars.

I’ve lived in Thailand for over 5 years now and have never had trouble running into good girls.But it would be better to communicate some Thai to the local to make a great impression on them.Most of you might be embarrassed to speak in Thai with foreigner accent, however; I can assure you that Thai wouldn’t mind and will consider the act as cute and caring.Most of the good girls in Thailand lay the smack down on bar girls.Pictured here is my friend Zen–a perfect example of a good girl in Thailand.The beauty you find is in the ancient temples and the friendly smiles of the people, but it runs much deeper than that.


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