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Polar bear appearance As you may witness on the live polar bear camera, winter temperatures in the arctic can reach -50º F, with little sunlight and harsh winds.Polar bears are one of the few land mammals that can survive in this climate.VENTURA – People around the world have the unprecedented opportunity to observe nesting California condors and their young chicks in real time via live-streaming webcams near the U. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in southern California and at the Ventana Wildlife Society’s (VWS) Condor Sanctuary in Big Sur along the central California coast.Biologists installed webcams in two California condor nests located in the rugged terrain of Ventura and Monterey counties to enable the public to watch California condor chicks and their parents.They are used by just about every serious hunter and deer manager I know and they’re probably the most important advancement in deer hunting equipment since the compound bow.Here’s what my son Neil Dougherty and I have learned in the last decade about setting up trail cameras and analyzing photos to take mature bucks.Keep an eye out for distinctive characteristics on bear featured on the live polar bear cam.

The chick of the Big Sur pair, #167 and #190, hatched in May.Polar bears, also called sea bears or ice bears, are found throughout the Arctic; mainly in Canada, Norway, Alaska, Greenland and Russia.They are solitary animals and highly evolved for living in frigid arctic temperatures.While their white fur keeps them camouflaged against the snow, their black skin absorbs the heat of sunlight that may pass through their coat.A layer of fat beneath the skin insulates their body further from sub-zero temperatures.Whalen said the park also has received separate donations, but she said she didn't know how much.


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