Fatwah mandating the bloodshed of israelis everywhere

" The student answered "No."Another student asked if it was correct that "they (IDF soldiers) only attack if they are first attacked?

Sheikh Ali Halabi said in a video distributed via social media that Jews can be killed during war only, and that killing them at other times is a betrayal.

When asked by a student if it is permissible to kill Jews in Palestine, the sheikh answered: "Someone who protects you, gives you electricity and water, transfers you money and you work for him and take his money - would you betray him, even if he was a Jew?

" According to the sheikh, killing is allowed during clashes or declared war, "But if you trust him and he trusts you, then it is forbidden to betray him.

It’s used along both the Lebanese and Syrian borders, and an IDF adviser is eager to tell us about its ‘touchscreen’ system.

If a bird lands on the barrier, one type of signal is transmitted.


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