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For the purposes of this article, I'll keep my list short: frozen yogurt (just order the damn ice cream already! He's going to get you tipsy and casually suggest going back to his pad, where he'll try to score.), tiny purses (you ask us to carry your wallet, cell, and keys, so what the fuck do you keep in there?! He's waited just long enough not to look desperate, but he's leaving enough time for the two of you to make solid plans. Someone who invites you to lunch legitimately wants to get to know you.Sexting is essentially like watching porn with dial-up Internet, five seconds of gratification for every five minutes you wait.Nonetheless, sexting has become a pivotal part of actually getting laid.If you’re thinking, “Well, duh,” you might be surprised to find out that experts say we are actually at doing this. Lisa Wade, associate professor and chair of the sociology department at Occidental College, says that college students in hookups are typically afraid to ask the other person to sit down with them and have “DTR” conversation.

I didn’t start dating until the end of senior year, and the guy I dated had known me for years prior.

Although I doubt the creators of smartphones thought this is what their technology would one day be used for, sexting is the glue that holds our horny society together.

Nowadays, thanks to celebrities like Tiger Woods, Brett Favre and Governor what's his face, we know that certain precautions need to be taken when sexting. Don't Sext Before You Actually Have Sex There is nothing that can possible be worse than over delivering via text and under delivering in real life.

), and — this one really baffles me — the random stuff you analyze when trying to figure out if a guy is into you. It's not the frequency that shows if he's into you. Any text after that means you're an afterthought or his other plans fell through and he wants to get out of his house. Even better, he thinks you're pretty enough not to need dim lighting and booze.

As my civic duty, I'm going to lay out exactly what you should be keeping an eye on. The truest sign of a guy's interest (assuming you've been on a few dates) has to do with when he's sending his texts. Bonus points if he's willing to come to your neighborhood.


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