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More proof, courtesy of Lilli's Instagram story from a hangout session: And you would want your girlfriend to get along with those who know you the best!

Cole even used Lili as a model once for one of his photo shoots, and anyone who follows Cole knows how much his photography means to him.

Are they just friends or is there something more to the story?

Fans want to know more and there have been some who want them together, while there are others that want Sprouse to themselves. There’s no denying that Jughead and Betty have good chemistry on the show, and that’s all because of Sprouse and Reinhart.

That’s when the Bree Morgan and Cole Sprouse love story ended, after the two met as students at New York University.If you happen to follow any of the stars on Instagram and Twitter, then you would see they all really do love spending time together, just hanging out.But there is something more to be seen with Cole and Lili.Take for example the fact that they both went to Debby Ryan's house to meet her beloved kittens.days, but it appears Deb and Lili's friendship really got started because of Cole.Upgrade any one of the browsers below and it will make your internet life better - not just on Ranker, but everywhere!


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