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But here's where it gets interesting: There are certain lines a Dumpster diver will not cross.

She will not take home another person's discarded mattress (because of potential for bedbug infestations) and instead sleeps on used yoga mats.

But in the mean time our dumpsters are full of perfectly good food and we may as well eat it!

First and foremost, I encourage grocery stores to donate their excess food rather than throw it in the dumpster.

In fact, we throw away nearly half of the food we produce, enough to feed more than 200 million Americans.

Ok so I surprise her with the idea by taking her behind a makeup store and told her my idea.

Trust me, the light of streetlamps will not be sufficient to give you the required visibility for optimum diving. Gloves will also protect you from sharp edges, glass and other dumpster hazards. If you’ve got a strong sense of smell, a mask can help you stay strong in the light of unpleasant odors. This will help you jump and walk over the dumpster and its content. The idea is that you want to be diving into the dumpsters of stores which sell what your target finds.

For example, if you are looking for food, a grocery store dumpster is your pick.

You’ll want to ensure that you are well-equipped for the job so that the task is as pleasant as possible. I recommend that you equip yourself with a long sleeve shirt and pants.

A headlamp is essential for freeing your hands for maximum flexibility and digging. Getting your hands covered in trash water is unsettling, and also, will get your hands freezing, especially if you are dumpstering at night. Even though a large portion of the food retrieved from dumpster is fresh, rot may have settled into a some. Get yourself a sturdy pair of shoes to take with you diving. Helpful for cutting into bags and boxes to view the insides, or even cutting away the bruised bit of an apple for a quick snack. Where you dumpster dive depends on what you are looking for.


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