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In 2004, Dave stepped in front of the camera to host the award-winning television series, Drive Thru History.

The program has been broadcast worldwide on History International and Trinity Broadcasting Network and reaches thousands of homes on DVD and the web.

Forfar Sheriff Court heard as a result of the accused’s failings, the tenant was poisoned by carbon monoxide, endangering his life and leaving him with long term sleeping problems.

David Stott from Montrose went to Leys of Dun Cottage, a stone built farm cottage, situated between Brechin and Montrose, on 28 October 2013 to install a new boiler which was already at the property.

During the 1970s he won large audiences in Britain with The Dave Allen Show and Inside the Mind of Dave Allen.

All was grist to his mill; in his soft Irish accent he would amble through topics from clingfilm and schizophrenic rats, to queues in banks, the difficulty of managing milk cartons and the role of toothpaste in divorce.A gas fitter has been sentenced to community payback after his incompetent installation of a new boiler system at a cottage near Montrose put the tenant’s lives in danger.David Stott’s substandard work on the boiler in the rented cottage exposed a visiting family and the tenant’s family to potentially lethal carbon monoxide.My youngest son, Peter, thoroughly enjoyed this series and I think your children will as well. Our homeschool group here in BC bought them and they are a hot item!Drive Thru History: American History Series is a great resource for homeschooling families—jump in the car with Dave Stotts for an unforgettable experience! Be sure to take advantage of the helpful discussion guide included on the DVDs—the authors have done an excellent job of asking truly thought-provoking questions (but with Drive Thru History’s trademark brand of humor! We have seen Turkey, Asia and are now in Rome…each and every episode leaves all of us almost speechless and amazed. There’s an overload of boring material available out there, but you guys definitely hit it on the head in targeting teens with these DVD’s.In 2005, Jim, Dave and a small crew embarked on a video series to do just that.


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