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I gradually shifted toward focusing on understanding what the data tells us about human diversity.Following this line of thought ultimately facilitated the creation of a better predictive model, while having relevance extending beyond the context of speed dating. I quantified the extent to which there was a universal consensus on a participant’s relative attractiveness, finding that 60% of the variation in perceptions of relative attractiveness can be attributed to the group consensus while 40% was accounted for by individual idiosyncrasies of raters.Compared to all other datable materials mortar has the great advantage of existing in abundance in the original, from every stage of a stone or brick construction, and the hardening of the mortar actually dates the construction.

The project was initiated in 1994 as an international extension of the project of the Åland churches (1990-).

Carrie had friends who weren’t repopulating the planet.

Somewhere, someone is going to make me laugh and swoon.

Such data is seldom public, but Columbia business school professors Ray Fisman and Sheena Iyengar compiled a rich and relevant data set for their paper Gender Differences in Mate Selection: Evidence From a Speed Dating Experiment, which they generously anonymized and shared.

I initially explored the data with a view toward predicting whether two people will want to see each other again.


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