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✖no r e a d i n g or f o l l o w i n g requests✖ ❝I may not know what love is...

but I do know one thing, that it remains a mystery to me.❞ ☾Woman all day, Writer all night ☽ # f a b u l o u s ☂☂umbrellas cover you from the rain☂☂ ♫♪♪♫ m u s i c ♫♪♪♫ ➳ nikki ➳ lotta that ➳ research ➳ close ➳ touch it ➳ greedy ♔ Just Keep Calm and r e a d Love Me For Who I Am ♔ I'll be honest here -- When I started at Wattpad I was just trying to figure out if this is a way to attract readers to the books I wanted to SELL.

Comedienne Judy Gold and playwright Kate Moira Ryan seamlessly weave actual interviews with Jewish mothers across the United States together with memories from Gold’s childhood and her own experiences as a Jewish mother in order to create a performance piece that explores it all: from rugelach to rabbis, matzoh to marriage, Ann Landers to Anne Frank, and guilt to G-D.

Stand Up Comic, Writer, Actor & perennial substitute host for every talk-show ever, Judy Gold, boasts two Emmy Award wins, writing & producing for the Rosie O’Donnell Show.


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