Dating roomates sister

She meets Tracy (Aly Michalka), Stephen (Cam Gigandet) – her love interest, and Rebecca (Leighton Meester) – her college roommate.

The girls begin to bond and Rebecca learns that Sara had an older sister, Emily, who died when Sara was nine, and an ex-boyfriend, Jason (Matt Lanter), who keeps calling her in attempts to reconcile.

For the past six months, my sister and I have been living together in New York City.

Whenever I tell people this, they always respond, “That must be weird.”They aren’t wrong. However, once we got past the initial growing pains, I’ve found living with my sister to be among the highlights of my 20s.

When Sara's philandering fashion design professor, Roberts (Billy Zane), kisses her, Rebecca plans to get the professor out of the picture by seducing him while recording their dialogue on a tape recorder to make it sound like he was trying to rape her.

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So, the timing has been perfect, as we’re both still stumbling through our 20s. When we'd first met on the student newspaper in college, I thought Sean was a brilliant genius and incredibly handsome.Because we lived together, the relationship was immediately all-or-nothing, do-or-die.Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but to The Voice contestant Owen Danoff, he’s also the guy whose turn it is to clean the bathroom.On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, we learned that Danoff is dating Eisenberg’s sister, who happens to live with her famous big brother.It was equally uncomfortable when I drunkenly brought a girl back from a nearby bar.


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