Dating quimper pottery

Traditional Breton figures often feature in the designs, the men with wide-brimmed round-crowned hats and the women with full skirts and aprons.Pottery has been made in Quimper for a very long time, but the faience that we recognize as Quimper has been produced since the late seventeenth century by three factories.This one, from the HB factory, depicts a Breton couple with flower motifs.The blue and red design in the lower area is itself fan-shaped, and ends dramatically with a butterfly and flower design on the far right.Faience is not peculiar to Quimper, indeed it is made in various places throughout Europe, but the Quimper faience is quite distinctive.

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For instance, Dickens Ware, paying homage to the characters of Charles Dickens, was designed by Charles Upjohn who worked for Weller from 1895-1904.

Other popular hand-decorated patterns such as Art Nouveau, Aurelian, Eocean and Etna were also in production early in the company’s art pottery history, around the turn of the 20th century.

The Hudson line debuted around 1917 and remains one of Weller’s most highly regarded achievements with most pieces signed by the artist.

Founded in 1872 by Samuel Weller, Weller Pottery opened its doors in Fultonham, Ohio where high quality clay for pottery production was plentiful.

Similarly to Roseville, the company began making utility wares like jars and jugs.


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