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What other men have been lucky enough to stand by her side?

Moss has had rumored rebellious flings and short-lived trysts (Lenny Kravitz, Rhys Ifans, and Russell Brand, to name a few) over the last couple of decades, especially during the ’90s, when she rose to fame and defined grunge waif chic.

When my French girlfriend Katia told me she loved me for the first time.

I’d known her for seven years and we were just good friends but then it burgeoned into romance. I was struck by a bolt of happiness and it hit me really hard.

Moss was so upset after their final split that she had to cancel a planned appearance in a John Galliano runway show.2007Pete Doherty dated South African model Lindi Hingston.

The two have a daughter together named Aisling (born 26 December 2011) Doherty publicly acknowledged paternity in 2012.

My sister is 13 months older than me and figured heavily in my life in terms of learning to speak and walk and being tripped over.

My earliest memory was of her pet rabbit which lived in a hutch next to a blue plastic slide in the garden of our Army house in Catterick. My sister and I would get dressed up and put on plays for the family at Christmas.

Since July 2007, they have gone their separate ways.

Pete Doherty is currently dating Name Unknown - Pete Doherty.

He has been in eight celebrity relationships averaging approximately 4.2 years each.

He hasn’t spoken before of his affair with Winehouse, nor about what really happened to Blanco on that fateful party night, and suspicion has always surrounded his involvement in the tragedy.

Doherty and starstruck Cambridge graduate Blanco had rowed at the party in Whitechapel, East London, when the actor tried to persuade the musician to watch him perform in a play at a local pub.


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