Dating in the first year of sobriety

Needless to say, this is not a great headspace for important decisions, especially when those decisions are emotionally charged, as romantic relationships nearly always are.In the early months of recovery, shame, regret, fear, depression, elation, anxiety, longing, and the various other feelings that inevitably surface when romance and sexuality enter the picture are incredibly powerful – at times too powerful for a person who is: So yeah, no major decisions in the first year or so of recovery, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships.Hello, I am in my 5th month of sobriety and just recently joined this site.I would appreciate any words of wisdom in regards to dating.But should you get romantically involved while in early recovery?Can dating endanger your progress in recovery or sobriety? Experts recommend that people refrain from making big decisions and significant changes right away (for at least 12 months after getting sober).NOTE: There are plenty of intelligent exceptions to this general rule.For instance, if a recovering addict is in an abusive relationship, he or she may need to walk away, either temporarily or permanently, to maintain sobriety.

I promise you that you will sell yourself short if you get involved now.

Along with the excitement of new beginnings, you might find that getting sober can be lonely. Even though toxic relationships with people, places and things can release you, they also create a big hole.

You might be tempted to jump into dating, starting a new relationship, or even ending an existing relationship or marriage and start over.

Oftentimes, being involved with someone else takes the focus off of you and puts it on someone else.

Coping with changes in relationships in early recovery can put your sobriety at risk.. Remember, your primary objective is to take care of yourself and avoid distractions while you are still vulnerable.


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